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Dealing with Divorce Anxiety in Children Family Reading

It could help establish a new routine. You could try a different school after-school program or even attend the church services. Establishing this new routine will offer your child something worthwhile and positive to think about and help them develop their own identity outside the divorce.

If you're aware of the fact that your child will need to adapt to changes in their routine for example, commuting to visit their other parent, make sure to give the time needed to adjust. It's best to speak about changes in advance with your child. Also, offer your support throughout the process of transition.

Be sure to trust your child's feelings.

Be aware that children might be shy to speak about their emotions concerning divorce. They might prefer to express themselves through art and music. Children should feel comfortable and comfortable in sharing their feelings.

It is okay that your child experience different emotions throughout the whole process. Giving your child the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they choose can go significant way in helping to cope.

Take pleasure in Fun and Games

Families can all feel at a loss when divorce occurs. In order to help your child feel more at ease during this stressful period , make time to plan engaging things to do. Be it a simple trip at the local park playing board games in the comfort of your home, or having a movie night it's important to offer some fun and relaxation during the course of this difficult time.

Even better, you can plan a night of games for your spouse and the whole family. A time spent together as a whole family can help your child feel comfortable and connected, even after divorce. Talk to your spouse about making plans for family dinners and events so that you both can be prepared.

Make Emotions keepsakes

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