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Top Facility Maintenance Tasks Every Live Theater in New Hampshire Should Complete Before Winter 1776 The Musical

The roughness of the trees, grasses and plants. This could also damage your septic system.

There are a few preparations that are being made in order to safeguard the landscape throughout the winter. Here are some tips to prepare the landscape of the theater before winter.

Pruning trees-This is the ideal time for trimming. Winter months are when trees become dormant. This makes the most suitable season to trim. Pruning involves pruning dead or damaged branches to reduce the chance of them being ripped off by a storm. A tree inspection is highly recommended. Winter can prove to be challenging for plants and trees. The plants and trees that have weak immune systems need to cope against pests, weather, diseases , and snow. You may need an arborist to inspect your trees and determine any issues that could be causing problems, and suggest solutions based on the results. Tree mulching - Cover the ground around the tree by laying a 2 to 4 inch thick layer of mulch. Mulch keeps the soil warm, and also prevents roots from being frozen.

Keep your trees well-hydrated before and during winter - Maintain your tree's hydration by watering them in warm days. The ground may freeze, which can block water's access to roots when it becomes too cold. If the temperature is higher than zero, be sure to water your trees in order for the soil to take in the water and allow it to be accessible.

Take precautions to ensure the safety of trees - Be prepared for protecting the plants with the highest risk of damage as temperatures begin to fall to freezing and when leaves begin to fall. The most vulnerable are the young trees. The trees at risk are covered with burlap, tarps or sheets. Potted plants may be relocated into safer areas.

Check that your roofing is in good shape

Roofs can be the most efficient protection against winter's harsh weather. It makes total sense to secure your home from the sky. When that stormy season arrives, be sure to check that your roofing is in good shape.

Roof repairs can assist you to identify any issues and fix them prior to the stormy weather.